scaffolding roof in Ulverston

Scaffolding roof in Ulverston

After a bad storm in 2022 the roof at Ulverston Golf club had collapsed, meaning the rest of the building was open to the elements and at risk of being damaged by the winter weather. The day of the collapse they contacted their insurance who then told them to get in touch with us.

Given the urgency we immediately sent a member of the team to inspect the property and see what we could do to help. It was quickly determined that we would be able to install a temporary scaffold roof providing shelter and protection for the building until a permanent roof could be installed.

Within weeks our team of experts had the roof designed and erected. The roof was designed to protect the property from everything the harsh Cumbrian winter could throw at it as well as helping to support the rest of the structure.

With Ulverston Golf Club being such a big property it took a long time to get a roofing company to come and fit the new roof. Our temporary roof stood the test of time and was installed for over 6 months.

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