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We offer an extensive range of scaffold tube, fittings Scaffold Boards & accessories that are capable of Scaffolding most Building & Plant Profiles. We can make a system adaptable for almost any access.  Traditional Tube & fitting scaffold accessories include modular beam, Scaffold Cladding, Monoflex Sheeting, Debris Netting & Stair Units.

  • Adaptability: Tube and fitting scaffold is the most adaptable of all scaffold solutions and can be fitted into most awkward areas
  • Galvanised Steel Tubes are manufactured to take on harsh environments and the most rigid of all tube and clamp systems
  • Total Flexibility, Lift heights, position of standards and tie positions can be infinitely variable to fit the requirements of the scaffold user

“Excellent service and advice. The men were very efficient and seemed to be expert in what they were doing. Our roof is very “delicate” and they treated it with care.”

John Grantham

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